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Thee End

By Sollog

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Thee End

Thee End is a series of books written by Sollog detailing the coming end of civilization as we know it from a future asteroid strike.

Thee End originated as a radio show featuring discussion of the Sollog Prophecies as well as those of Nostradamus in the early 2000’s.

Archives of these early Sollog radio shows are still at Thee End.

While the thrust of Sollog’s Prophecies have always been to warn mankind of a future event such as detailed in Thee End, the site is now geared toward discussion of the series of Sollog’s books about how humanity can prepare and survive such a cataclysmic event as Thee End.

Archaeological evidence shows such periodic asteroids strikes that have erased most ancient history of earth’s past are very real and happend ever 5,000 years or so.

There is now archaeological evidence that suggests such a major civilzation ending strike occurred around 3,000 B.C. off the eastern coast of Africa that most likely was the Genesis event for the global phenomena of the so-called Great Flood mythos that is found in pretty much every ancient cultures records be they written or oral tradition.

Around the end of the last great ice age another such major asteroid strike is theorized as well as possible atomic wars on earth that may have led to the destruction of the fabled Atlantis civilization.

While Thee End deals with the future, another Sollog series of books deals with the ancient lost history of the Atlantians. This series can be found at ATLANTIAS.

Sollog has released many scientific and mathematical theories over his long distinguished academic career and he is Dean Emeritus of University of Temple of ‘Hayah1) as well as Universitius2) .

Sollog is the founder of HelixQ3) an advanced computer programming language for future AI (Artificial Intelligence) computers.


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Thee End by Sollog

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