Author of Thee End<ref></ref>

Author of Atlantias<ref></ref> – Chronicles of the Atlantians

Sollog<ref></ref> is known to fans of his books as both Sollog and Dr. Sol Adoni<ref></ref>.

Sollog is Dean Emeritus of University of Temple of ‘Hayah<ref></ref> and Universitius<ref></ref>.

Sollog is the founder of HelixQ<ref></ref> an advanced computer programming language designed for AI (Artificial Intelligence) Computers.

Sollog has authored over 100 titles in his long distinguished academic career on a myriad of topics including ancient civilizations, theology, mathematics and physics.

Sollog’s 30 Mod Prime Algorithm <ref></ref>was recently verified as the fastest way to generate prime numbers on a computer.

Sollog’s PDF (Planetary Distance Formula) was verified by NASA for being correct as to the location of heavenly bodies beyond Pluto in our own solar system.

In Thee End – Sollog describes a cataclysmic series of events including a major asteroid strike that ends civilization once again on our planet as we know it. Thee End is in the process of being turned into a possible film series and a TV series.

In Atlantias – Chronicles of the Atlantians, a very ancient story is retold by Sollog where he blends recent lost civilization archeological information with his incredible knowledge of ancient mythos and theology to create a captivating series of books that are in the process of being turned into Film and even a TV series.


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Thee End by Sollog

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